Introducing AgileMinutes 1.0!

“Hello. We are AgileMinutes 1.0 – the Issue Tracking System for JIRA.”

AgileMinutes - JIRA AddOn

We are proud of presenting AgileMinutes 1.0 for JIRA, because this Plug-In is able to accomplish two things at once and with this, save precious time.

Did you create your meeting minutes in Word or Excel documents until now and still had to appropriate JIRA tasks to the responsible person? With our tool you are now able to minute your minutes online and appropriate accrued tasks to the responsible person directly in JIRA.

But there’s more to it than that…

Days are over, in which you had to add the names of meeting members to your minutes again and again! By using AgileMinutes,  you can save regular sessions in an attendee group – and with this use it as a base for upcoming Meetings. If you feel like you have written the same members names for the thousandth time, you still had to endorse the tasks of the meeting in JIRA at the end of the session. But AgileMinutes is different! Creating protocol issues means you can directly import these as tasks or appointments in JIRA. On top of that the participants can follow you live on the screen.

When the meeting is over, AgileMinutes creates a structured topic overview with all issues. Applied tasks are generated in JIRA. Reworking is needless.

Be smart and use AgileMinutes for JIRA