Benefits of AgileMinutes versus other meeting add-ons / wiki solutions

What are the benefits of Agile Minutes towards other extensions for JIRA or solutions are based on a wiki?

What advantages AgileMinutes offers:
  1. PDF export of all meeting content, including the list of pending tasks based on a template to be configured itself
  2. Construction of individual protocol circuits (=participants, not all system users to be notified)
  3. Automatic Tasks Export from the meeting as a defined JIRA issue type
  4. Management of pending tasks per project / attendee groups
  5. Input checks of entered metadata
  6. Extensible programming workflow (invitation, performing the session, completion, re-opening)
  7. Authorization Concept deposited
  8. seamless integration into Atlassian JIRA
  9. Fast holding free meetings / sessions
  10. Search function for all protocols / meetings

AgileMinutes JIRA Core

AgileMinutes for JIRA – Available on Atlassian JIRA Marketplace

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