Taking meeting minutes made easy: Tips for more efficiency

You report decisions, actions and discussed points with meeting minutes. Therefore, people who not attend will be able to catch up on this points and taken decisions as well as responsibilities can be retraced.

The challenge is to identify and sum up the main information:

  • Votes and decisions
  • Establishing next steps
  • Organizing and tracking tasks

In order to take a clearly arranged and complete meeting minute you have to ask yourself following 10 questions:

  • When was the meeting?
  • Who attended?
  • Who did not attend?
  • What topics were discussed?
  • What was decided?
  • What actions will follow?
  • Who is to complete the actions, by when?
  • Were material distribute? (If so, please attach)
  • Is there anything special the reader of the minutes should know?
  • Is a follow-up meeting scheduled? If so, when and why?

AgileMinutes will help you to answer these questions and structure your meeting minute as efficient as possible. Every participant is informed about his/her tasks and keep an eye on the deadlines.
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