AgileMinutes Update ( for Atlassian JIRA 7.x.x with new functions

We are pleased to announce today that AgileMinutes got an update for JIRA 7.x.x. In version of AgileMinutes the following issues have been addressed.

Fixed issues:
  • overall bug fixes
  • compatibility of JIRA 7.2.x
  • improved minutehistory at the menu
  • improved edit-options for user-defined fields like attendee group or attendee group-ID
  • fixed user assignment
  • fixed initialization of user-defined fields
  • if you change the name of an already existing attendee group, this will also be shown in the viewing mode of the current issue now

New features:
  • error message at the minute menu if no project is selected
  • if you finish meeting minutes with not finalized issue types (see Settings issue types Vorgangstypen) you will get an error message. Not finalized issue types will be marked red in the meeting minute if you cancle the process
  • easy moving of topics and subitems by means of selection fields in the edit-mode (Drag and Drop is still available)
  • improved and extended attachment-overview at the meeting minute (PDF)
  • new topics / subitems will be inserted directly below an already existing topic /subitem

If you like AgileMinutes, got problems using AgileMinutes or have any suggestions / ideas? Please do not hesitate to contact us.