AgileMinutes Update (1.0.8-2) for Atlassian JIRA

AgileMinutes Update 1.0.8-2 was released. In version 1.0.8-2 of AgileMinutes the following issues have been addressed.

New Features:
  • Meeting Minutes PDF Metadata
  • Custom PDF Template Attachment PDF
  • Sortable meeting minutes, attendee groups, issues
  • Project based entry point to AgileMinutes
  • Project Information on Meeting Minutes, Attendeegroups and Issues
  • Custom PDF Template – hide timings of topics
  • Custom PDF Template – customise sections headings
  • Revised Meeting Minutes Settings

Fixed issues:
  • Fixed selection of available IssueTypes to declare for AgileMinutes (SubTasks)
  • fixed selection of existing Issues in Meeting Minutes view
  • Bugfixig Custom PDF Template

If you like AgileMinutes, got problems using AgileMinutes or have any suggestions / ideas? Please do not hesitate to contact us.