AgileMinutes is a joint development of ilmCon GmbH and Otte Project Management GmbH. In a long time cooperation arose a tool for recording meetings, which originated with AgileMinutes was developed as an extension for Atlassian JIRA.


The Otte Projektmanagement GmbH works on developing of complex projects in the field of industrial building, especially for aviation enterprises. In this respect the Otte Projektmanagement GmbH has specialized on implementation of joint-venture-projects and technological partnerships. We consider the whole spectrum of interests of our joint-venture-partners and different aspects of the project, like highly specialized production processes, necessary facilities and comprehensive commissioning, which in this way contributes to the commercial success of the project. We support the project as a central contact point for the investment part of the real estate and production facilities. To assure the success of a project we integrate the methods like User-Requirement-Specification-Process, agile Project Management and Building Information Modelling (BIM).


The ilmCon GmbH is a German consulting company founded in 2007 in Ilmenau, Thuringia. Together with our partners we offer the whole spectrum of services from establishing of new production locations to outsourcing. Beside project management these services include process planning and process optimization as well as assurance of capacities and procedures. Supplementary we develop client-specific tools and methods, which secure the achieved results and bring extra profit to the clients additionally to our consulting activities. This way we can guarantee a measurable additional value of our products and services which results in the long-term trust of the clients.

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