Bill Bao – The true story of a customer – AgileMinutes in use – Part 1

Bill Bao, – Senior Project Manager in a global automotive group.

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(Deutsch) Protokollierung / Besprechung von bestehenden Aufgaben aus Atlassian Jira mit AgileMinutes

Minutes serve to record decisions, measures and points discussed. AgileMinutes as a comprehensive solution for your meeting and log management in Jira now offers the possibility to discuss, commented on and process existing tasks from Jira in meeting minutes. And this is how it works: Create a meeting on the basis of a attendee groups

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How to rediscover my issues?

You recieved new issues after a meeting and you do not know where to find them again? AgileMinutes has a simple solution to manage and locate your tasks quickly and keep the overview. There are two options to add the references (Attendee Group, Meeting Minute ID, Meeting Minute Link) to your issue overview (administrative rights

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Taking meeting minutes made easy: Tips for more efficiency

You report decisions, actions and discussed points with meeting minutes. Therefore, people who not attend will be able to catch up on this points and taken decisions as well as responsibilities can be retraced. The challenge is to identify and sum up the main information: Votes and decisions Establishing next steps Organizing and tracking tasks

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Benefits of AgileMinutes versus other meeting add-ons / wiki solutions

What are the benefits of Agile Minutes towards other extensions for JIRA or solutions are based on a wiki?

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