Customize user properties

In AgileMinutes you can define protocol participants a wealth of information such as name, e-mail and access rights. It is also possible to store various user properties.

Atlassian JIRA - User properties - Overview

To customize the user’s properties, first go to your JIRA Administration and choose the item “User administration”. Under “Actions” → “Edit Properties” and you will be forwarded directly to edit the properties.

Atlassian JIRA - Edit user properties

In the window, you can now extend to any properties the user information. Simply enter a key (e.g. company) and complement this to the correct value in the lower box (e.g. Example Ltd.). Click “Add” and the property is added to your user.

Features that have been added to a user are automatically added to the minutes of a meeting.

AgileMinutes - PDF Export with user properties (company)

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