Finishing meeting minutes (PDF Export)

If every topic is created and process types are referred you just have to click on the “Final save” button 1.

AgileMinutes - Finalize Meeting Minute

Confirm the system request with “Yes” 1. If you are creating your meeting minutes for the first time you can continue with 5.

AgileMinutes - Finalize Meeting Minute - Do you really want to finalize the meeting minute and export as PDF?

In case you have finished your meeting minutes once before, you must add a “Comment for Reopening” to continue 3 the process.

AgileMinutes - Finalize Meeting Minute - Comment needed for reopened meeting minutes

Otherwise you will get this error 4. The closing comment is relevant to revisionsecurity and will be published as comment in the meeting minutes PDF.

AgileMinutes - Finalize Meeting Minute - Error message if no comment for reopening was given

Be aware that in order to export the descriptions of issues as JIRA-Issue Types in a proper format it is important to select the right editor for the JIRA- System. This can be managed in “Project Settings”. Available editors 5 are simple Plain Text editor, Wiki- Markup, and HTML Editor which should be installed separately.

The editor type that is set for the description issue field in the current Project. The editor format is then used to convert the plugin descriptions during issue export. If the current project uses an external editor like JEDIT for the description issue field select the “HTML” option. If you are not using an external editor for this project then keep the “Wiki-Markup” option. The “Plain Text” option strips styling from the description during issue export to JIRA.

AgileMinutes - Finishing Meeting Minutes (PDF Export) - Project specific settings (HTML Editor, default Wiki Markup, plain Text)

If one or more of your selected process types do not allow finalization (this can be managed in project settings), then you will get the following warning message 6 which can be ignored if you wish so.

AgileMintutes - Finishing Meeting Minutes (PDF Export) - Warning if not all subtopics have adequate JIRA Issue Types

However, you used not finalized issue types, they will be highlighted red in the edit-mode

AgileMinutes - Protokoll fertigstellen (PDF Export) - Projekteinstellungen (Wiki-Markup, HTML, Text

This is the moment when all issues having a process type that is related to a JIRA issue type get exported into the JIRA system. The use who is responsible for the respective issue, will be informed about the issue content. via email. Now your meeting minutes are created and a PDF-File is available.

Please note:
The secretary is the task author but not necessity the creator. The user who is closing the meeting minute must be authorised and will be, at least, the issue creator. However the secretary is listed as author of the issue.

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