Adding meeting minute references to Issues

The following references are available:

Attendee Group Meeting Minute ID Meeting Minute Link
Name of the corresponding attendee group.
Link to the attendee group.
Meeting minute ID Link to the corresponding meeting minute.
There are two options to add the references (Attendee Group, Meeting Minute ID, Meeting Minute Link) to your issue overview (Administrative rights required).

Due to changes to the plugin initialization, the user-defined fields created by AgileMinutes may occur twice. User-defined fields in project screen templates (process configuration) which are marked as not locked can be deleted. The fields created by AgileMinutes include: Attendee Group, Meeting Minute ID, Meeting Minute Link.

Option 1:

In the issue overview 1 using the field “Admin => “Add field” 2 new fields can be added directly (Administrative rights required).

AgileMinutes - adding references - add field

You just have to enter the name of the desired field 3 (Attendee Group, Meeting Minute ID, Meeting Minute Link). It is also possible to select the field by the drop down menu. Confirm your choice by pressing the “Edit field” button 4.

AgileMinutes - adding references - add field
Please note that the selection is subject to a field schema and this is project-specific. In further projects, the steps may need to be re-executed.

Option 2:

Via the “administration button” you can access the issue settings overview 1. Choose “Field configurations“ in the left menu 2. You are able to change default field configurations or project-related settings now 3.

AgileMinutes - adding references - add field

The table below shows all JIRA configurated fields included the project-related features. The list is in alphabetical order. The references Attendee Group, Meeting Minute ID and Meeting Minute Link could be added via “Screens”. 4. By clicking on “Screens” 5 you can set the position of the field. Repeat the steps for all wanted fields.

More Information about adding fields to Issue Screens: Associating field behavior with issue types.

AgileMinutes - adding references - JIRA Screens

It is also possible to edit the references. Press the “Pen”-Button, which appears next to the fieldname. Now you can delete the field 1 or, like in the example, change the attendee group 2.

AgileMinutes - adding references - edit field

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