Upgrade Anleitung 6.4.x to JIRA 7.x.x

You use Atlassian JIRA in version 6.x.x and AgileMinutes as an extension? You want to upgrade to Atlassian JIRA Core / Software (7.x.x)?

Then please read the following instructions to migrate on Atlassian JIRA Core / JIRA software / JIRA Service Desk. Before upgrading to JIRA Core / JIRA software / JIRA Service Desk please disable the extension AgileMinutes.

The version of AgileMinutes (1.0.4.x) used under JIRA (6.x.x) is not JIRA JIRA Core / JIRA software / JIRA Service Desk (7.x.x).

A application compatibility test can be made in JIRA as follows – test for compatibility. The actual upgrade process for JIRA is described at the JIRA Migration Guide.

Upon completion of the upgrade to the current version of JIRA an update of AgileMinutes is available in the “Add-on Manager of JIRA”. After the update of AgileMinutes (to version 1.0.5.x) it could be used as usual.

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