User administration

In order to create a new user go inside JIRA to “Options / User management / Create user” (you find “options” in the right top position of the screen).

Now you see a “Create new user” form where you can enter user data.

Enter our Email-Address 1, our Full name 2, an Username 3 and choose a Password 4. If you create an account for another user, you can leave the field “Password” empty and set an hook at “Send notification email” 5. Then a password is generated automatically for the first login and send to the Email-Address, afterwards the passwort can be adjusted individually.
Press “Create user”6 to create a new user.

Now you can see the overview of the previously entered user data on your screen.

Atlassian JIRA - User administration - create a new user
Press “View Public Profile“ 1 to see a summary of all important user data.
Press “View Project Roles” 2 to see the roles of the users and to determine which rights the user receives.
Further information can be found on permission administration.

Atlassian JIRA - User administration - Overview

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