Features of AgileMinutes

Benefits of AgileMinutes versus alternative solutions

Function AgileMinutes other JIRA-add-ons Wiki-based solution
PDF-export of all meeting content incl. LOP
Individual attendee groups
Automatic task export to JIRA
Management of pending tasks per project / attendee groups
Input checks of entered metadata
Extensible Workflow (invitation, performing the session, completion, re-opening)
Authorization concepts
Seamless integration into Atlassian JIRA
Easy opening of free meetings / sessions
Search function for all protocols / meetings

What are attendee groups?

Attendee groups take participants (groups), persons responsible circles, permissions, metadata (such as location, date, space, languages, etc.), standard subjects, minute taker, JIRA issue types and much further along. Protocol circuits are as individual as your various projects and the resulting discussions / meetings.

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What are meeting minutes?

A meeting minute (protocol) holds at what time, in what order which process (tasks, information, decisions, etc.) was initiated by whom. The logging is carried out in response to the selected attendee group in Atlassian JIRA. Meeting minutes can be enriched with media files.

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How AgileMinutes works with Atlassian Jira

How AgileMinutes works with Atlassian Jira

How can AgileMinutes support you in classic project management?

How does AgileMinutes support you in agile project management?

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