AgileMinutes add-on for Atlassian JIRA

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AgileMinutes – online meeting minutes, create tasks, send pdf meetings

Use of AgileMinutes in practice

The true story of a customer

Bill Bao, – Senior Project Manager in a global automotive group. He leads the most progressive department in the traditional company: R & D, where he has 70 employees. Bill has tachycardia and sleeps for 3 days barely. Why? He has three months. Then it should be a “showcase project” for “new agile work”. HIS department. On the 19th of October they are here. Fourteen top managers and decision makers from MatsuNama. It’s about fifteen million … You can do that, right, Bill? … Find out here if the story goes well for Bill.
Easy to Use
Clever System Dashboard and Administration helps to keep an overview
JIRA Integration
AgileMinutes is available at Atlassian JIRA Marketplace
Better Workflow
helps you to integrate your minutes into your operating plan
Safe Time and Money
Catch up on the same time a number of works
Fast & Light Scene
Simple menu structures for easy operation
Free Updates
Get Access to our newest Achievements, constantly
Help & Support
Buying AgileMinutes means buying our Help as well
Transfer tasks to JIRA
To get a Job done quickly assign tasks to participants in meetings
PDF delivery of minutes via email
Send out meeting minutes automatically to all participants and distributors


Attendee groups

What are attendee groups?

Attendee groups take participants (groups), persons responsible circles, permissions, metadata (such as location, date, space, languages, etc.), standard subjects, minute taker, JIRA issue types and much further along. Protocol circuits are as individual as your various projects and the resulting discussions / meetings. Learn more at Features of AgileMinutes.


Meeting minutes

What are meeting minutes?

A meeting minute (protocol) holds at what time, in what order which process (tasks, information, decisions, etc.) was initiated by whom. The logging is carried out in response to the selected attendee group in Atlassian JIRA. Meeting minutes can be enriched with media files. Learn more at Features of AgileMinutes.

Why AgileMinutes?

When should you use Agile Minutes!


Atlassian JIRA Addon

AgileMinutes is a joint development of ilmCon GmbH and Otte Project Management GmbH. In a long time cooperation arose a tool for recording meetings, which originated with AgileMinutes was developed as an add-on for Atlassian JIRA.

AgileMinutes - Available on Atlassian Marketplace


online Presentation

Interested in Agile Minutes – Meeting Minutes / protocols for JIRA. But not have the ability or time to test the software extensively? We will gladly provide you with our products live in a non-binding, short Websession / Webdemo. More information…

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